To run a great business like this you need good equipment that is reliable, is fully NZ compliant and can be serviced locally. Our stand is the ultimate mobile potato-baking kitchen. It's a real money making operation and has a real winning formula, and your customers will be drawn to the aroma of potatoes baking in our ovens.

We had begun the idea at first with the English type of mobile potato oven with the oven on top of a towable trailer and uses a gazebo as it's only means of shelter. But rain and wind problems as well as security issues for staff and money as well as their demand for a huge payout for exclusive rights changed our mind. More importantly, we also found problems would occur in some centres in finding sufficient space to erect your trailer, gazebo and counter due to the type of ground it needed to be on etc. Council issues were not too bad to overcome, but the locations BBPS operate in are not really suited to open stands. Security is a serious issue as well, therefore OSH and ACC. This would create problems for individuals as well as our nationwide system of operation and branding we are growing here in NZ.

But none of that is now  aproblem as we have opted for an improved and fully enclosed operation that could park in the desired locations and begin operation within minutes, be locked up at a moments notice should an emergency occur, and was safe and secure for both money and staff. Also our method had no wind and rain issues. So - rather than alter our business to fit the equipment we had previously considered, we altered the equipment to fit our particluar business style.  An enclosed food vending 'concession' type trailer was the obvious solution. 

The trailer itself is built locally here in NZ, and is fitted out to our high standards to enable a Britannia Baked Potato Stand to operate as it should.

We use not one but two European gas ovens (with room for a third should it be needed in the future).


The Trailer Includes:

  • Hot dipped trailer with jockey wheel
  • full bondor contruction
  • Customised paint job and logo's
  • Lockable solid serving Window
  • Lockable solid rear window
  • Split solid door entry
  • Full electrical certification
  • 20m 16 amp cable and plug housing
  • Stainless steel benches and twin sinks with taps
  • Non slip lino
  • eco fleuro lights
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Gas califont and gas bottle
  • 12v pump and accumulateor and battery
  • Underfloor freshwater and wastewater tanks
  • 14' alloy mags and suspension
  • New styled stabilisers and rear bumper
  • All fully registered and warranted


Towing is easy too.  It is after all - a mobile kitchen. The size allows you to gain access to even the smallest trading locations, without the need to erect gazebo's and find space that does not block any foot traffic. A trailer such as ours enables free access to the exactly the right locations. 

Believe us when we say that location is the key,  but without the correct marketing, even the right location will not guarantee success. With us you have a set system to follow and we will be helping you to succeed.  

We point out again that you can't just plonk a stand down and expect to bring in heaps of money, you need a good product, the right equipment, a clever marketing approach, an excellent system and the right locations.... Oh, and a brand that will become as well known as some highly established businesses (to 'our' specific target markets...) within a few short months.  




Our final trailer design is jet black and complete with our professionaly produced metallic silver graphics and logos. This creates a stunning appearance. We don't look like any ordinary food stand! All quality appliances will be in stainless steel or steel and black combinations in keeping with the overall theme colours of Britannia. Image is everything.


Double Gas Baking Ovens

 Stainless fridges

Hot Food Servers

Cold Servers

 Stainless Microwave

 Kitchen Equipment & Uniform  (44 pieces)  


In addition to the trailer there is a heavy duty custom built gazebo attachment (28kgs) provided so you can use it for events, parks and beach locations if you decide you wanted to earn extra money in the weekends.   You probably would not need the extra income, but it's there for the taking and you could always use staff for weekends, (as you would with your extra stands) and earn more while you relax.

There is a whole list of extras for your mobile kitchen including a classy branded uniform and all the necessary equipment, utensils and bins you'll need.

Even though we are not a franchise and you dont pay us any of your profits, our support system is there to ensure your success. As you succeed - you expand in your purchased territory by purchasing another full setup from us from your profits. This way you can grow your income in multiples instead of hitting a peak as you would with a single franchised location.

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